about sen

"We chose the name SEN, which means lotus flower in Vietnamese, for its symbolism. Despite growing in muddy waters, the lotus blossom resting atop its long stalk appears detached from its natural environment. It signifies purity and the potential for enlightenment. This is why the Buddha is often depicted sitting on a lotus blossom in full bloom.

Our mission is to serve up tasty Vietnamese street food that authentically reflects the heritage and diversity of the Vietnamese people. We take natural and fresh ingredients from Mother Nature to make stunning and delicious dishes that bring to life the vibrancy and colour of Vietnam. Just as the lotus blossom represents purity and the journey to enlightenment, we seek to give Aucklanders a unique taste of Vietnam in the best-possible-way while remaining true to Vietnamese street food culture. Generous in the use of fresh herbs and vegetables, our dishes will please the palates of both new comers and avid fans of Vietnamese cuisine"


Billy Dang

Head Chef